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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ukraine-Russia Relations
Letter 1

Lalalu, history check:

1. How about Russia having its borders rolled back to 1147, the year Moscow was founded by Yury Dolgoruki, Prince of Kyiv?

2. How about the Russian defense ministry kicking in a few gigabucks' worth of compensation for Kyiv's successful naval campaigns in 860 and 911?

3. How about the Kremlin confessing trademark infringement of the "Rus" brand, along with the centuries-long practice of cooking history textbooks?

4. How about the Russian finance and transportation ministries setting up a fund to compensate Crimean Tartar repats for their stolen property, perished relatives, and travel expenses?

5. How about Russia the self-appointed successor to the USSR paying damages for things like the Holodomor? In fact, G8 pal Germany is doing just that with regard to the Jews.

6. How about the EU sponsoring a plebiscite in Kaliningrad (former Konigsberg) on whether they want to stay in Russia or join the EU?

Make no mistake: Every stick has two ends. Why get stuck in yet another pot of "bubble Rush-ia" soup?

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