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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ukraine-Russia Relations
Letter 4

In the world of professional debate, people base their arguments on issues, not people. Rule of thumb: Every time you label a person you’re arguing with, you lose the argument. It’s called argumentum an ad hominem and belongs in the counter-culture of debate. Yes, I know I sound condescending but the facts of life will be here to stay.

No, I’m not a Russophobe. I have never experienced panic attacks while speaking Russian, my co-native language. And I do not recall having called you a Russophile either. Please be more attentive interpreting my editorials.

Ukraine and Russia have a right to live without fear of being blackmailed, annexed, or partitioned in any way. Do you agree with me? What makes them different is transactional analysis. Ukrainian troops never ventured into Russian territory. Ukraine never ruled Russia. Ukraine never breached agreements with Russia. It was always the other way around.

Good neighbors are always welcome. Bad neighbors are not. What does it take to be a good neighbor? Just a little common sense and good will. Creating a mutually beneficial modus vivendi based on a level playing field. Laying to rest the paradigms of the past. Searching for win-win solutions and a place under the sun in the 21st century. Master-slave relationships mean retardation for both.

What would be a win-win solution for the crisis at hand?

1. Trans-Dniester businesses register in Moldova.
2. Moldova does not burden them with double taxation.

That’s it. Trans-Dniester has been a de facto autonomy for more than a decade. Unless the conflict escalates out of control, it will maintain the status quo indefinitely.

Both China and Taiwan have prospered from free trade. Of course, Taiwan businesses do not have to register with mainland authorities. That said, China would not tolerate a hornet’s nest of smuggling near its shores.

For most countries, the one-China policy does not preclude economic relations with Taiwan.
If China opts for non-peaceful reunification measures, it will lose. If Taiwan rocks the boat, it will lose. In a sense, the same applies to Moldova and Trans-Dniester.

Michael, I have to disappoint you. I’m not the real McCoy:) I’m an independent label under my original name.

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