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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yanukovych: ‘DISEASE of Passing Reforms’

Talk about foot-in-mouth disease.

Yanukovych: The main resource that we have at our disposal is the trust and understanding of the necessity of overcoming (the) temporary difficulties of the DISEASE of passing reforms.

That’s what happens when you misspell заради (for the sake of) as зарази (of the disease). And quite emphatically so!

But wait a minute... What if it’s just a confession? A major spoiler of the man’s reform agenda? A mega-Freudian slip? Who knows...

Keep them coming, Mr. President!



Anonymous said...

Isn't he like a language learner? I remember we made mistakes like this at school when you mix up quiet or quite for example. However English isn't my mother tongue.

Taras said...

We all make mistakes from time to time, and English has never been my mother tongue either:)

Still, I would argue, it takes talent to make the kind of mistakes Yanukovych makes, in Ukrainian and Russian.

Anonymous said...

Простите, что президент моей страны идиот.

Пробачте, що президент моєї країни ідіот.

I'm sorry that the president of my country is idiot.

Es tut mir leid, dass mein Präsident ein Idiot.

Przykro mi, że mój prezydent idiota.

Mrzí ma, že môj prezident idiot.

Siento que mi Presidente un idiota.