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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tymoshenko Gifts Gaddafi With Sabre (2008)

Freedom fighters?

Tymoshenko: I want you to be strong...and, as armed person. Hahaha!

This was November '08. I was already done with Tymoshenko.

But the West wasn’t done with Gaddafi. Even John McCain, who now supports Tymoshenko, considered Gaddafi an “interesting man.”

Still, you have to admit that giving that man a sabre and wishing him to be “armed” looks a bit too intimate of Tymoshenko.

Wanna make a dictator happy? Forget the sabre. Buy him a bigger drainage pipe! (Or maybe a bigger gas pipeline?)

Hope Tymoshenko would agree.



Anonymous said...

Well, I am not really happy that news broadcasts are getting so brutal. A few years ago such video could have been found very difficult even on the net.

Last night I watched a TV show and a former journalist told that in the 1980's in Hungary news were like this: "XY Soviet foreign minister got the Z Prize from Leonid Brezhnev, and A B and C Hungarian politicians sent their congratulations for him." I am not really interested in agressive news.

Taras said...

"Live by the sword, die by the sword," as the saying goes.

Gaddafi died a brutal death, but, ironically, his death didn't gather enough mourners among those who had enjoyed his company.

Ukraine never reported to Libya like Hungary did to the USSR. In fact, Libya was something of a client state to the USSR, of which Ukraine constituted a major military-industrial part. When Ukraine gained independence (only to become a banana republic, unfortunately), thousands of Ukrainians went to places like Libya to make a living.

Meanwhile, politicians of all stripes drew their swords and sliced and diced Ukraine’s national wealth pie.