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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yatsenyuk's 'Conceptually New' Vision of Ukraine (English Inside)

Sooooo Yushchenko. Except that this guy does speak English!

Here's the whole thing (the United Opposition Forum, May 12).


So what's new? Seriously, what's new? Nothing much. "We're the good guys! Vote for us again and good things will happen."

Never mind that we live worlds apart from you. Never mind that some of us are no longer with us. Joining the Yanukovych majority is no big deal. It's business as usual. It's nothing personal.

And can't you see the difference now? We speak E-N-G-L-I-S-H! Better English.

If only John Edwards had the liberty of living by Ukraine's election law... 

Conversely, if only Ukraine's ruling regime and opposition could survive through the selective justice...of US election law... 

How many politicians would survive? 


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