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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ukrainian ‘Call Girl’/ ‘Mistress’ Linked to Sen. Menendez (Who Supports Tymoshenko)?

 Small world, huh?


According to this report, Svitlana Buchyk, 26, hails from Kolomyia, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, Ukraine. At age 15, she and her family moved to Spain. She then went on to become an actress in New York.

So...could U.S.-Ukraine relations be warmer than we thought? 

Or is this whole HookerGate thing part of Yanukovych’s smear campaign against Tymoshenko?


Whatever it is, at least we’re getting all the democracy support we need. 

Hope he doesn't end up in one of those politically motivated U.S. jails.

Unlike most of their Ukrainian counterparts, U.S. electeds who select a trifling $60K from friends may fall victim to selective justice, right? Is that fair?



John Kalitka said...

"Those Ukraine girls really knock me out...." Privately, Menendez has been "high fiving" his Capitol Hill peer group since the photos leaked yesterday.

Menedez survives this scandal because the Senator has plenty of allies in the government and media. But, it will cost him a lot more than whatever he paid to Ms. Buchyk initially....

Anonymous said...

Seems the Senator is in trouble on several counts. Doesn't look like POR is totally responsible here!

And meanwhile the British Daily Telegraph (ever on the lookout for any whiff of Labour hypocrisy) is on to the generous transfer of cash from an oligarch Ukrainian capitalist to a British "we represent the working-class" politician's charitable foundation.

So whom are these charitable foundations actually benefiting? Looks like another means of laundering dirty money.

Taras said...


Thank God he's just a senator, an innocent victim of the Information Age?

Any chance Sen. Menendez gets re-elected?:)


And Bill Clinton beat Tony Blair $1.1M to $0.5M.

Welcome to Ukraine, a cash cow for oligarch sympathizers from both sides of the Atlantic, limo liberals being no exception!:)