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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lytvyn: "Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Putin"

Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodomyr Lytvyn: We were received by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych* Putin, right after an hourlong…[audience giggles]…of Russia, sorry. Hahaha!

*Name and patronymic transliterated from Ukrainian; transliterated from Russian, the name is Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Sounds like a juicy Freudian slip from the man who served as Kuchma’s chief of staff!

More news. Russia on Tuesday resumed its gas supplies to the EU — in small portions — causing technological problems in Ukraine. Gazprom claims Ukraine is so full of Russian gas that Naftogaz must transport the incoming gas to Ukraine's western border the moment that gas crosses Ukraine's eastern border. (Or at the speed of light, as the laws of physics suggest.)

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso called Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to express his regrets about the size of the shipments.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Viktor Yanukovych of the Party of Russia, uh, sorry of Regions, set out to sack PM Yulia Tymoshenko and impeach President Viktor Yushchenko.

ProFFessor Yanukovych must have discovered the magic Kremlin formula: “If you can’t gas ‘em, fire em!”

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Anonymous said...

Taras, you translated Lytvyn saying "Ukraine" instead of "Russia"...

a Freudian slip on your part? ;)

Qatar Cat said...

I didn't get the name thing... I am really out of touch with languages and names.

Taras said...

Yeaaaaaah! You caught me, Leopolis:)))!

But, for the record, I did not work for Kuchma:P


Lytvyn mislabeled Putin as “Prime Minister of Ukraine,” but then corrected himself, saying “of Russia,” after the audience started laughing.

In my transcript, I denied Lytvyn the dignity of correcting himself and wrote “of Ukraine” again when I should have written “of Russia.”

From time to time, you get lost in translation:)