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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tymoshenko Explains Her Braidless Hairdo

Fame breeds fortune. Familiarity breeds contempt.

For an on-again, off-again Prime Minister, running for President means rekindling the honeymoon spirit — making a brand new start.

PM Yulia Tymoshenko: A normal woman has to change her hairstyle sometimes, and I think that, uh, sometimes I’ll be doing this, and I’m asking you not to link this to any political events, weather, mood or whatever. It’s just that a normal woman just has to change hairstyle sometimes. I too am constantly trying to become a normal woman, but the job interferes with it.

So getting another job — the president’s job — is the only way for her to become a normal woman again, right?

Her electionhairing cycles make me wanna play these songs again:

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Eva said...

I love her without her braid, she should let it down more and dye it back to her original colour, it's so much natural and prettier.

I am sure it is uncomfortable for her that she becomes the center of the attention in the media when she changes something in her hair (insted of reporting about her work for example) but she wanted to mark herself with this hairstyle, now deal with the people who got used to it.

Gabriela said...

I couldn't see the pictures, but I guess I can have an idea of what you express.

Taras said...

Thank you for commenting, Eva!

Braid or no braid, her hairstyle looks better than her performance, as far as her approval ratings can tell.

I think she just wanted to refresh herself a little bit — to give herself a more natural, down-to-earth look. All politicians are doing it, especially in an election year. It’s a “mating season” between power-seeking politicians and their power-giving voters.

You are welcome, Gabriela! What pictures did you mean?

Gabriela said...

I thought this post included pictures, at least one picture. I see an empty square right before that part of "a normal woman".
Maybe I'm getting the whole thing wrong.

Taras said...


elmer said...

Why is Tymo going after Yekhanurov, the Defense Minister, to resign?

Tymo alleges "corruption."

Something about overpaying for food for the army and selling off land.

What's the real story?

Taras said...

Fighting corruption per se rarely motivates Tymoshenko, or any other major Ukrainian politician, for that matter.

Ukrainian politicians define corruption as “his corruption,” “her corruption,” but never as “my corruption.”

Keeping in mind the lifestyles of our defense ministers, I don’t have the courage to challenge the allegations leveled at Yekhanurov’s office until proven false. (The allegations: overcharges in the Army’s food supply contracts , corrupt land deals.)

Besides, I think it’s not what really matters to Tymoshenko. Controlling law enforcement and the Army is what matters in a major election.

Now, who controls the army and the SBU? President Yushchenko/Defense Minister Yekhanurov. Who controls the police? PM Tymoshenko/Interior Minister Lutsenko.

So, Tymoshenko clearly bases her HRM on loyalty: Yekhanurov, his man, must go; Lutsenko, my man, must stay.