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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Woman Mayor to Woman Reporter: ‘Bitch’

Welcome to the Cougar Town of Ukrainian politics!

Reporter: Everybody had assumed there would be some changes for the better and novelties, but that didn’t happen.
Mayor: Bitch.

That’s Nelya Shtepa, mayor of Slavyansk, Donetsk oblast, speaking at her “100 Days in Office” press conference.

A member of the ruling Party of Regions, Shtepa denies saying the word sookah (bitch). What she really said was Sanya, diminutive for Olexandr, the electrician
she invoked once a nearby heater had gone off. So she says.

Gordon Brown should have known better than to give up like that. He should have come up with an alternative interpretation of his “bigoted woman” remark. How about he meant Thatcher?

Ain't it a bitch to run Ukraine for the People?

Shtepa is now suing YouTube for what she considers defamation.

Try hard as they did, ICTV reporters couldn't find an electrician by the name Sanya in the Slavyansk City Hall.

The good news is, Shtepa recently married her driver, 15 years her junior.



Bravecat said...

Gave me a giggle :)

Taras said...

Long time no see! It's almost spring in your home city:)

Bravecat said...

Actually I'll get to see the spring in my home city, I'll be in Kiev 27.03-09.04


Lingüista said...

"Ukrainian politics = Cougar Town" should be a t-shirt. With FEMEN and sookah-sayers running wild, who cares if MPs vote more than once?

I've just returned from a quick trip to Kyiv, to see my in-laws on Lysenko street. Everything looks the same... in-laws still very much pro-Yanukovych, with my mother-in-law hoping "they" will let Putin achieve his dream of reconstituting the Soviet Union (но больше не надо его называть "советским", это время уже прошло...).

Taras said...


I take it you're still in town? For the first time in how many years?:)


Did she come up with a brand name/restyled acronym? How about СССР (Союз Сытых Соловей-Разбойников)?