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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Kids Worship Yanukovych in Live Feed

Welcome back to Yanukidstan! Where Caesar is Christ.
owered by Cradle-to-Grave ligarch $oluion$.

Kid 1:
Viktor Fedoroveech, welcome to our place!

Kid 2:
We earnestly thank what you’re doing for us! [garbles her line, puts a whole new semantic spin on it: as if she thanks him for working for us]

We love you very much! Viktor Fedorovych, we can’t wait to see you! God save you!

They’re not kidding. You just saw a portion of Yanukovych’s Feb. 25 grand press conference, capping the 1st year of his presidency.

What did you miss? More of the same: rent-a-crowd live feeds, Soviet-style astroturfing and feel-good questions.

How to survive on a Hr. 800/$100 monthly pension, less Hr. 780 on utilities?” That’s one unorthodox question that somehow made it through but missed the happy ‘I Hear Everyone’ hour and ended up ducked.

Btw, FEMEN, who chant in choruses of their own, took a more secular approach.

“How come you’re so fucking awesome?”

Awesome possum



elmer said...

Apparently, there was only one question put to Yanustalin by Femen - the one you noted.

There rest of the 7,000 questions, as one observer put it, were from "slaves" asking their "king" for the favor of some crumbs.

Taras, that video of the kids, standing their with a beaming "priest" is really, really disturbing to me.

It reeks of child abuse - it's how to turn you kids into ass-kissing slaves of a pathetic, stupid, bumbling homo sovieticus mafioso thug president - Yanukonvikt.

stalin put little girls on his knee and had pictures taken. stalin stages shows of little girls handing him flowers and reciting poems to him - all on film.

I can't believe that any responsible parent would allow their kids to be abused like that.

The "Happy Yanuk" hour came complete with Yanuk singing, Yanuk's friend from way back when wishing him well, and Yanuk wishing his friend from way back when well, and on and on.

Those are hardly questions, and none of that addresses the problems of Ukrainians to day in any way.

I'm with Femen all the way - they have it just right.

Ropi said...

Oh, his huble smile after the show is worth it. :P

Taras said...


Thank you for the details!

"I believe the children are our future...teach them well and let them lead the them all the beauty they possess inside..."

If only he could sing that one:)


That smile illustrates job satisfaction:)