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Friday, June 18, 2010

Kids Praise Yanukovych in Soviet-Style Song (Full Version)

Welcome to another Lost Generation! ☭owered by Cradle-to-Grave Brainwahing $olutions™.

Now that I have the full version, let me take the liberty to translate the refrain, rhyme by rhyme.

Uncle Vitya, strong and powerful
Uncle Vitya, an uncle who can rule
Uncle Vitya, an uncle who's heaven-sent
Uncle Vitya Yanukovych, a smart president

Hey girls, you forgot “Uncle Lyosha, a smart prosecutor.”

I mean Oleksiy Bahanets, the Lviv oblast prosecutor who uses a $100K Lexus CX 470, with a police license plate that the police can’t identify.

Every Friday, according to, that Lexus gets loaded with bagfuls of something that travels from Lviv to Kyiv.

Uncle Lyosha calls the story an “invasion of privacy” and wants the reporters disciplined.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he's just an honest man who owes his fortune to “Climbing for Dollars.”



Anonymous said...

The photo with the Lada is just awesome. It just shows the antagonism between exploiter and exploited.

Taras said...

Good point!

But there’s one thing the Lada and the Lexus have in common: cabbage:)

elmer said...

What loving, caring, responsible parent would ever want to do that to their child - force the child to sing stupid praise hymns to a political leader, whether it be fat-ass Yanukonvict or anyone else?

That's how you create mass murderers or psychopaths.

When a schoolteacher in the US tried that with her small schoolchildren being forced to sing an Obama praise, the outcry and uproar was tremendous.

What's next - personal oaths to der fuhrer Yanukonvict, like stalin and hitler did?

The parents of those kids ought to have their heads examined, and they ought to be sent to some parenting classes.

It's hideously outrageous.

Taras said...

Maybe one of these days they'll launch a world tour, under the name of YanuKids or The Stalin 3.

Or maybe they'll be singing to Secretary Clinton when she visits Kyiv on July 2-3?