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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Over 100 Protest Bill Abridging Freedom of Assembly

Using their bodies as letters, over 100 activists said ТАК (yes) to freedom of assembly and НІ (no) to legislation meant to restrict it.

The proposed bill would require protesters to post a 4-day notice prior to holding a protest.

Hundreds rallied against the bill Monday in major cities across Ukraine.

They named the rally “Вихід з демократії. Пароль: 2450.” (“Exiting Democracy. Password: 2450.”), referring to the bill’s registration number.

In Kyiv, the rally proceeded from Maidan Nezalezhnosti to the Verkhovna Rada and ended with the announcement that hearings will be postponed until next week.

If you’re a fan of FEMEN, stay tuned.

At a small but vocal rally, Sasha and Inna, the two vinok-clad ladies, protested passionately and often stole the spotlight.
(Just as they did last Friday on Inter.)


Anonymous said...

Just one question: where are the breasts? :D :D

Do you watch the World Championship? We didn't qualify but we cheer for the Hungarian referees.

Taras said...

I didn't see any. Better luck next time:)

I rarely do. In fact, I rarely watch TV. We didn't make it either:)