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Friday, June 11, 2010

100 Days of Yanucracy Address (Best Quotes)

On June 3, Ukraine marked 100 days of Yanucracy. So what do we have?

Raped Constitution? Check. Reinforced oligarchy? Check. Semi-muzzled opposition? Check. Kremlin-controlled Ukraine? Check.

The man who made so much happen in so little time deserves a pat on the back from his friends, doesn’t he? That’s why he threw that party in the Ukraine Palace.

A hundred peaceful protesters who dared to rain on his parade, in violation of a court order, became virtually invisible behind a cordon of riot police.

Yanukovych addressed the nation in a bout of extreme bullshitmania.

The incomplete state of market transformations that stopped halfway due to political wars and primitive populism triggered the development of a certain “wild capitalism” where entrepreneurship coexists with bureaucracy, and government resources, for a long time, were redistributed as in socialist times — on the basis of nepotism, favoritism and “political protectionism.”

Strong government is made strong by its opposition.
I want to assure all the skeptics and critics: The oligarchs, lobbyists and other influence groups will, so to speak, stand in the “common line.” I will not allow any side influence on government decisions. The “wild capitalism” times ended with the 2010 election.

Any idea what the “common line” means?

Does it mean Yanukovych will post that $7M gain on the sale of real estate? Does it mean he will renegotiate his $40/hectare Mezhyhirya monthly rent in an open bid?

Does it mean Herman will get rid of her new $58K diamond watch? (Twice her annual income, as far as her tax returns can tell.)

Does it mean Herman's son will quit his lucrative mother-knows-best job and his $15K outfit?



Gabriela said...

A 58K watch? I'd suffer pangs of conscience if I spend that on a watch!

Taras said...

Our government doesn’t have that much conscience, Gabriela!

Btw, it’s not the first diamond watch in her collection.