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Monday, June 21, 2010

Azarov Keen on ‘Cheating Our Population’ (Freudian Slip)

Machiavelli meets Malthus meets Freud.

PM Azarov: We have everything! And the laws too... There’s only one thing missing: the very system...that allows...[glances down]...cheating our population, our people...and none of the officials bears any responsibility for this.
Official translation: We have everything. And we have the laws. We don’t possess only one thing - the system itself. Another «system» is functioning that allows deceive our people and none of the officials bears any responsibility for this.

We do have that system, Mr. Azarov! And it doesn't get lost in translation.

Promise: deregulate, lower taxes
Practice: raise taxes for small businesses, kill the outsourcing industry

Promise: “wild capitalism” over
Practice: Luhanskteplovoz re-grabitized at half the market price

Promise: make seniors happy
Practice: raise the retirement age to 65

Life expectancy at birth (UN)
Men: 62.1
Women: 73.8
Country rank: 123 out of 195

Defined benefit pension gap
1990: 8.6
2009: 84.6

1992: 52.24
2010: 45.89 (April)

All systems go!

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Anonymous said...

Your population decline is quite tough. Here the peak was 10 700 000 in the 1970s and now we are slightly above 10 million plus there are like 5 million Hungarians who stranded beyond the borders and here everybody thinks population decline is a crucial issue here.

Taras said...

Here, it’s all downhill from 1992, with recent signs of mild recovery that hasn’t reached the break-even point yet.

According to Soviet censuses, the number of people who identified themselves as Ukrainians went from 40,753,246 (1970) to 42,347,387 (1979) to 44,186,006 (1989).