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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tymoshenko Awakens to Abuses of Power (Not Her Own)

When I hop from rally to rally, Sleeping Beauty never shows up.

In fact, her party supports a law that I rallied against.

But when her gas cronies get busted, she cries blue murder.

That’s one hell of a “need to protest” mode.

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Anonymous said...

I think she misunderstood my theory "talk only when it is necessary".

elmer said...

Taras, I agree that she's got rather selective "need to protest" messages.

But on this one, she's actually got a point.

This all centers around Dmytro Firtash, the self-styled "savior of Ukraine" (he said so on a TV appearance on Inter TV), and his Swiss company, 50% owned by him, RosUkrEnergo. The other 50% was Gazprom insiders.

RUE was a company that did nothing except act as a middleman in gas purchases between Ukraine and Gazprom.

And RUE, and Firtash, in this hugely corrupt scheme, took billions of dollars for themselves, raking it off the gas purchases.

Tymoshenko cut RosUkrEnergo out of these deals.

The Gazprom insiders were happy to cut Firtash out, because, apparently, his accounting to his partners was not quite up to snuff - he failed to account for considerable amounts of money and gas to his "partners."

Part of this was that RosUkrEnergo, through the authority of the Russian side, relinquished a huge amount of gas.

Which Ukraine, with Tymoshenko in government at the time, used for storage and heat in a terribly cold winter.

Now, Tymoshenko is out, and Yanukonvict becomes President, and his henchman, Azarov Azarovych, becomes president.

And Firtash is their crony. He funds their party, the Party of Regions.

Soooo - Firtash goes to the Stockholm arbitration tribunal - and wins, in effect, a $2 billion award.

Except that during the course of the arbitration, Ukraine is represented by a guy named Boyko - who had received a personal power of attorney from Firtash to handle all of Firtash's business interests.

So, Firtash is arbitrating against - Firtash.

The guy who got persecuted and arrested is a customs official named Makarenko, who worked in the Tymoshenko government.

He's being persecuted for "damage to the state."

Meaning damage to Firtash.

That's how it works in Ukraine.

PS Ukraine doesn't have $2 billion to pay Firtash.

Taras said...


She talks whenever she feels holier-than-thou again. That's my theory:)


When I see Tymoshenko, I see the pot calling the kettle black

Her gas deal and other capers did enormous damage to Ukraine and killed her presidential bid. She knows that.

Still, you’re absolutely right to point out this whole masquerade: Firtash (the government) is fighting against Firtash (the company). Ain’t that something?

elmer said...

Well, Taras, it seems that things are unusually bizarre in Ukraine - and Tymoshenko screaming about Firtash is indeed the pot calling the kettle black.

According to this article in Ukrainian Pravda, by Mustafa Nayem

it seems that in October 2009, while Tymoshenko was still in power, Ukraine took the highly unusual step in the Stockholm Arbitration Tribunal of recalling a pleading and substituting it.

This relates to the so-called "Third Pleading" from August 2009.

Ukraine was represented by White and Case, a law firm from New York, and by Magisters, a Ukrainian law firm.

It seems that Ukraine wanted certain things removed from the Third Pleading, including names of officials from Gazprom who were involved in the whole sordid affair, and any mention of conversations that occcurred between Ukraine and assorted officials of Russia and Gazprom in relation to cutting RosUkrEnergo (Firtash) out of the deal.

All of this occurred by direct command of Tymoshenko, apparently.

There was a lot of back and forth between lawyers and client, including unmistakable warnings from the lawyers about the severe and disastrous consequences of such a change of position.

The final paragraph reveals it all:

І насамкінець. За інформацією "Української правди", людина, яка була провідником волі Юлії Тимошенко під час фатальної зміни позиції української сторони в Арбітражному суді Стокгольму і яка своїми підписами та листами наполегливо вимагала відкликати в документах загадування Газпрому та вищого керівництва Російської Федерації, після виборів стала позаштатним радником міністра палива та енергетики, одного з найближчих до Дмитра Фірташа людей - Юрія Бойка. Ім'я цієї людини - Євген Корнійчук, колишній заступник міністра юстиції України, голова Української соціал-демократичної партії та співголова БЮТ.

The person who engineered the whole thing, is none other than Eugene Korniychuk - a close associate of Yuriy (George) Boyko, who in turn is extremely close to Firtash.

Korniychuk is also the head of the Social Democratic Party.

And - the co-head of the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko.

So it seems that Firtash arbitrated against Firtash by orders of the Tymoshenko government, through a close associate, Korniychuk, of a close associate, Boyko, of Firtash, around which this whole smelly, stinky arrangement revolves.