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Friday, November 14, 2008

Tightening One’s Belt — With a $50K Watch

Here’s a guy who kind of echoes the President’s frugal rhetoric and, being his protégé, mentions the term inner circle, in a yet another Freudian slip.

Kyiv Mayor Leonid “Kosmos” Chernovetsky: You can’t be rich if you don’t control your expenses. Even if you make a billion dollars a day, you still will be destitute and your entire inner circle will be destitute. And if it concerns Ukraine, Ukraine, too, will be…

Objection, Your Kosmic Highness! That’s not the case in Ukraine! That’s absolutely dystopian!

Here’s a good example: MP Hanna Herman, PRU, a former spokeswoman for Viktor Yanukovych. As an MP, Herman makes $3.4K a month. Her family members do not report high incomes.

And still she wears a $50K Frank Muller watch and keeps up with Tymoshenko by sporting a $2K Dior handbag. (Well, according to Tabloid, Herman sometimes acts as the trendsetter.)

How? You ask her!



Gabriela García Calderón said...

There is a very famous salsa song by Frankie Ruiz titled "¿Como lo hacen?" (roughly translated as "how do they do it?").
You can see the lyrics here:
It's in spanish, but I guess you can understand it quite well. If not, feel free to ask me.
This may help you answer the final question of your post.
Todo lo mejor.

Taras said...

You picked the right song, Gabriela!

It raises the same rhetorical question I raised. I used the online translator first and then read the original. I also Googled Frankie Ruiz and found "¿Como lo hacen?" on YouTube.

Y cómo lo hace (Yo no sé)
Cuál es el negocio (Sepa usted) Bis.
Que bien vive ese señor, que bien vive esa señora
Sin trabajar se mantienen y visten muy a la moda.

Love this verse! Me gusta esta canción mucho!

Saludos desde Ucrania!

Gabriela García Calderón said...

That's the one... really appropriate for this post.
It's amazing how a salsa song very known in Latin America can suit the Ucrainian situation.

Taras said...

Did you know that Ukraine has a sizable diaspora in Latin America, particularly in Brazil and Argentina?

Btw, Peru and Ukraine maintain diplomatic relations. There’s probably a small Ukrainian community in Peru:)

Gabriela García Calderón said...

I don't know of we have a Ukrainian community here. A classmate of my brother's is married to a Ukrainian guy, who is either a pilot or works in something very related to aircrafts.
He is the only Ukrainian I know directly.