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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yanukovych in Another Foot-in-Mouth Scene

They need each other.

Yanukovych needs Kravchuk to legitimize the joys of further rewriting the Constitution. Kravchuk needs Yanukovych to legitimize his inner founding father.

In case you forgot, Kravchuk supported Yanukovych in ‘04, Tymoshenko in ‘10...and now he’s back to basics.

Kravchuk: All presidents come, do something or go as they should, but after President Yanukovych they’ll be saying that no one will ever be willing to change the Constitution.

Yanukovych: Leonid Makarovych [patronymic]...Kravchuk and...he...told me pretty it can be organized, so I made the decision to support this initiative to speak...without revising your proposals, the ones you supplied.

(cunningly), dostupno (clearly)...who cares? It's my way or the highway.

My highway, my hookers.


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