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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Yanukovych Slams Corruption, Foreign ‘Hirelings’ (Opposition Only)

There’s no place like Mezhyhirya...and no corruption like the opposition.

Yanukovych: The 20 years of the existence...of the post-Soviet system, an unknown model, a so-called transition one, laid the foundation for global the state. At all levels. [long pause] And when such a strong crushing blow is the bureaucratic system, it certainly reacts...with equal force. That’s why today we...see bureaucracy, corruption in Ukraine being covered up with democratic slogans. They’re lying brazenly, twisting the facts...with stolen money, they’re hiring hirelings — in Europe, in America, inside the country [long pause] — ones who rewrite everything they’re...given — that this bureaucracy and this corruption gives them. And they’re disorienting both the world and Ukrainian society.

Mr. President, you look so hot wearing those glasses. They must have gone all steamy from all that hot air.

Please accept this friendly gift from Poland, for free rides across your Mezhyhirya property, the most pristine and uncorrupt place on earth.

And if you need a few extra votes/bucks, you just let your son/IMF know.

One man, three votes.

You play, we pay!


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