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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Naked Peeing Oligarchlets in ‘Bad Romance’ (Lady Gaga) Parody

We, we, we are epicureans,
Jew-eans, that is, that is!

That’s what they’re singing (1:20-1:23). And boy can they sing!

Wait... “We're not the ones singing this song, but rather it's singing us.” So they say (1:36-1:41).

Anyway, how’s that for a 50th anniversary song for a fellow oligarchlet? Another smash hit, huh?

Hey Bill Clinton, where you at? Don’t you like these guys? I know you like ‘em bigger, but you can still drop by and play sax for them, can’t you?

If they were comedians, they could pass for followers of Borat. Remember that Antisemitism sting of his?

But these guys are no comedians. They’re real oligarchlets. In Europe’s 2nd poorest country, right? Go figure.

Not an apple-to-apple comparison (America’s hardly a poor country), but...

Can you imagine GM, Ford and Chrysler execs in a parody like this?

Or better yet, Toyota, HP, 3M (fill in the blanks) execs having fun in states where they shut down plants and/or ship jobs overseas?



Alice said...

This one is so much better:

Taras said...

Not bad!:)

But it lacks the personal touch that only professional oligarchlets can create:)