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Friday, November 19, 2010

Draconian Tax Law Approved (Watch How)

One person, one vote?

Not in Ukraine!

Yes he can! MP Chechetov can orchestrate a vote-for-your-absentee-pal symphony.

Music to His ears!



Anonymous said...

It remind me to the situation when I ate the chocolate of my brother and my parents asked why and I said "it is the law of the jungle". We can see the same here.

John Kalitka said...

It's not all that surprising. Here in the USA, we have a rich tradition of counting ALL of the votes--sometimes even those "cast" by the dead! Many folks (dead and alive) even get to vote two or three times. Voila!

Taras said...


Have you ever considered practicing law in Ukraine?

You’ve mastered the supreme law of our land:)


Has there been some sort of exchange program between our election officials?

It’s amazing how governments can share know-how:)

Anonymous said...

No, I study to be an economist, but your supporting words may make me change profession. :P