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Friday, November 12, 2010

FEMEN Protests Woman’s Stoning at Iran Event

Watch FEMEN take a stand for Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

In Ukraine, we don’t stone women. We sell them into sex slavery.

Just as we sell ourselves into stabilnist.

But some women make us want to rethink that policy.



Anonymous said...

At least they weren't protesting against the Hungarian Prime Minister who was in Kyiv as well.

caribista said...

So matter-of-factly thrown out of the building. What a pity.

They deserve better, these FEMEN. But it seems they don't know what exactly what they're doing... Maybe if they had a better leader. Yuliyachka comes to mind, but she'll never do that, for obvious reasons.

On another topic, Taras--I've been reading quite a few articles around about Ukrainian journalists being pressured or even persecuted by the government. Is this really happening? Is (as says) Ukraine trying to adopt the Russian model of governance? (A Russian in a Latvian discussion board I was reading the other day even casually mentioned Ukraine as yet another example of 'what happens' if you defy Russia in the Russian 'near abroad'... advising Latvia to 'be more constructive' in its relations to Russia.)

Taras said...


And they won't! As long as your PM keeps being a good boy:)


Tymoshenko would excel as a sugar mama, but not as a leader.

Once they opt for a sugar mama, they'll be finished as a grassroots movement.

As for the journalists being pressured, it’s true. You can learn more in my Twitter updates.

I don’t think Latvia can become another Ukraine if it “defies” Russia. NATO and EU membership puts Latvia out of Russia’s reach, worlds apart from Ukraine.

It takes a messed up country — a “non-Western”/“reset button” country — to be in the defiance zone.