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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Yanukovych to ‘Snip’ Corrupt Officials’ Pockets

As his sons grab Donetsk land $19/sq m, Ironman waxes sadistic.

Yanukovych: Nobody will be making a business out of the budget in this country, and those pockets that they’ve sewn for themselves — right to their feet — we’ll...✂ chick [snip] them, as the surgeons put it...huh? Right?
Medics: It’s amputate! Amputate!
Yanukovych: Those pockets. Hahaha!

This reminds me of a memorable quote from the Soviet miniseries “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed.” (It’s a detective drama that achieved cult status in the USSR, starring nonconformist idol Vladimir Vysotsky as Zhyglov.)

WW II has just ended, and two war heroes become cops to wage war on gangs.

In the final episode, Sharapov (the other cop) goes undercover and ends up abducted by the gang he’s been trying to infiltrate.

Not only does he make the gang believe his story, but he also devises a scheme that leads to the gang’s successful stakeout.

Watch the scene, with English subtitles.

Gang leader “Горбатый” (“Hunchback”): “Don't be afraid. It won't hurt when we cut you. Chick, and you're in heaven!” (true-to-original)


Just a thought. Nothing personal.



Anonymous said...

Here we have a proverb: if you had stayed silent, you would have looked smarter. He shouldn't make such comparisms, because you will make "fun" of him. He must not read your blog. That's why I am not playing for example basketball, because that would deserve some blog posts despite the fact I am tall.

elmer said...

There were gangs and gang leaders in the sovok "workers' paradise"???!!!!????!!!!

Taras said...


Come on, you can't blame me for his language!

Read my blog? He doesn't have time for that! He spends his time spending our money and making fun of himself.

Yeah, tall guys fall victim to the basketball stereotype. Yanukovych happens to be a good case in point:)


Sure! But not as big as today:)