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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yanukovych to ‘Burn’ Thieves With ‘Red-Hot Iron’

Now you know who blows the hottest air into the ozone layer!

Yanukovych: I...can see you smiling. I’ll put it this way: With red-hot iron we will burn them — with RED-HOT iron — so they’ll all know…they who lay hands…on the property of the entire Ukrainian people will suffer for it and will be punished! That’s the way it will be.

How come it didn’t hurt to lay your hands on Mezhyhirya? Wasn’t it the property of the entire Ukrainian people?

If you ever want a taste of your own medicine, try this baby.

The 16-tube Uragan MLRS. Our cash-strapped military plays it every five years. And when they do, they fire it in single-shot mode.

And you, Mr. President, keep playing with your roads, your pools, your ambulances and your club houses.

Hell, you’ve got money to burn!

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Anonymous said...

The hot iron sounds a bit medieval to me.

Anonymous said...


Let me first of all say this blog is very informative! It is very hard to find coverage of Ukrainian politics where I live (US) and so I really find value in this website.

I know this is not completely related to your blog post, but I wanted to know if you had any news updates about the situation regarding Yulia Tymoshenko and local elections. I really am interested, and a little confused about the banning of politic blocs in the local elections, which is leading Tymoshenko to use the "Батькiвщина" party. Why is this?

Thanks, and thank you for this fantastic site!

Taras said...


Thank you for the kind words!

Tymoshenko is in trouble. That’s despite the 15% fall-off in the Party of Regions’ approval ratings.

Tymoshenko tried to fool everyone but ended up fooling herself. After losing the election, she failed to establish herself as the opposition leader. She went off the radar and rarely appeared in public until recently.

She may have recharged her batteries, but she has done little to mend fences with millions of her onetime supporters. She never said sorry for her questionable policies and hypocritical lifestyle. I just wonder if she learned the lesson.

With her oligarchlets deserting her in droves and her war chest dwindling, her comeback looks far from certain.

Yes, blocs have been banned. As you may also have heard, scores of her local chapters have gone rogue on her, hijacked by Yanukovych appointees.

Bottom line, it would take a really extreme makeover to see a born-again Tymoshenko.


Given the size of our kleptocracy, the red-hot iron approach sounds fair enough to me.

If only those in power could apply it to themselves first…

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the detailed answer!

My question to you now is: where does Ukraine go from here? It seems no one has any confidence in Yushchenko, and Tymoshenko, as you said, may very well not make a comeback. So what option is left for the pro-Ukraine Ukrainian?

Also, what is the general feeling in Ukraine about some of the media being restricted, and these recent changes to the constitution? Is there any momentum at all for a Orange Revelation style gathering at Maidan? I have to admit, I was surprised when Tymoshenko lost the vote back in February, there were no protests from any of her loyal supporters. Even now, when the opposition holds a protest it seems to be outside the Verkhovna Rada, not at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Is there a reason for this?


Taras said...

Good question!

The country seems to be holding its breath, tired, passive and self-absorbed. By and large, that includes pro-Ukrainian Ukrainians.

The mood may change when the winter heating bills hit home.

Tymoshenko lost precisely because she had lost people’s loyalty. She paid the price of her lavish lifestyle, pro-Kremlin gas deal and corrupt associates.

Most of those who voted for her did so on “lesser evil” grounds. And those who voted “against all” sealed her fate.