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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Yanukovych ‘Propagan-Pragan-Propag-Nagandize’s Ukraine in China

Just when you thought he wouldn’t make it, he pissed you off. He made it!

In his own way.

Янукович: я здійснюю цей візит не лише щоб пропагандувати Україну с Видео bigmir)net.

Yanukovych: There’s no secret: I’m on this visit not just to foster a political partnership and not just to propagan-pragan-propag-nagandize Ukraine as a potential investment...Klondike. I also came to learn from your experience and your success.

I bet the Chinese are already trying to learn your language. Just give them a little more time.

Yanukovych: Throughout most of the previous years of its independence, Ukraine resembled a powerful car that wouldn’t budge because too many politicians believed themselves to be the drivers and had different visions of the road ahead. Today, there’s one driver. [applause] And there’s one road ahead: toward political pragmatism and economic modernization.


He then switches to Russian to talk about the Party of Regions' plans to sign an agreement with the Communist Party of China. I wonder if that will somehow drive the Party of Regions approval ratings up from 27%, back to 42%.

Anyway, speaking of “The Driver,” I think I have a couple of profiles.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting posters. I found a website where you can see Star Wars posters which you could use next time.

Taras said...

Well done! They look so dystopian.

Thank you, Ropi!

Here's a poster that takes a lighter look at things. You'll definitely recognize some faces:)