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Friday, September 03, 2010

Yanukovych Does Deutschland! (Again)

Every time he visits Germany, he brings a little Oktoberfest with him.

Serhiy Leshchenko of Ukrayinska Pravda posts four audios that capture the dramedy of Yanukovych’s recent voyage to Germany.

1. Refers to himself as a “scientist” who “was creating this science.”

ProFFessor Yanukovych: I worked with investments as a manager at various levels at one time and as a scientist: I was creating this science and running...running a faculty at the university for 8 years.

2. Recalls German workers who did a great job coating a “club house” at Mezhyhirya, in a rare admission of what his €23K salary can buy.

Uses the word “обналічка” (surzhyk for cashing) instead of облицювання or оздоблення (coating), as suggested by someone.

3. Teaches “Romano Prodi of Ireland” a geography lesson.

4. Tells a Soviet-themed joke that lacks a shred of humor to it.

Keep them coming, mein lieber Präsident!

We OSTabilnist-arbeiters can’t wait to cash in on your weird science!



Marta Salazar said...

Hi dear Taras,
I see. This involved the German workers who are going to Ukraine ... is regrettable :(

elmer said...

I don't know how the Germans tolerated, or put up with, Yanuklownych's oh-so-slow-snail-like meanderings and ramblings.

What is absolutely astonishing -

in the 3rd clip, talking a summit dealing with the European Union, Yanuk doesn't know who Ukraine's minister was prior to Hryshchenko.

Obviously turning to Hryshchenko, he asserts that Hryshchenko was minister at the time, he is told that Hryshchenko was not minister at the time.

So he comes up with -

"somebody" was minister at the time - "your (meaning Hryshchenko) predecessor."

He talks about defending his doctoral thesis, and admits that he had to do it twice, because there was a "suspicion" that he didn't do the work himself.

But nevertheless he "enjoyed" defending his thesis twice.

Why the heck would a sitting president bring up his thesis, and the suspicion that it may not have been his own work, to a bunch of people in Germany?

What did that have to do with the European Union, or foreign policy?

It just shows how stupid he is.

There were, and are, a number of Germans still tittering and smirking over this performance.

Yanuk talked about attracting German investments to Ukraine.

Well, obviously, Yanuk and his buddies have done their part, not only with the "coating" on the Mezhihirya club house, but also through vast purchases of very expensive Mercedes.

Taras said...


Unfortunately, it's been this way for the last two decades.

Our elites hire Western professionals/consultants who either help them fool this country or build mansions for them.


Doctoral thesis? He better show us his school essays first!

He says he earned B’s in Ukrainian/Russian Language/Literature only. The rest were A's!

He can attract German investment only if he hosts the Love Parade 2010 at Mezhyhirya.