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Monday, September 13, 2010

Party of Regions Ad Features Lviv Mayor Against His Will

Feeling uncomfortable in that upbeat Yanukovych commercial?

Then “We’re Building the New Country” without you. You can count on it!

Deputy Chief of Staff Herman: He said he saw himself in the “Building the New Country” ad and he didn’t agree with it. I told him this: Mr. Andrew, I think the authors of this commercial couldn’t even imagine that the New Ukraine could be built without you. But if you believe that it should be built without you, then I promise you it will definitely be the case. The New Ukraine will be built without you.

Looks like you guys are building the Old Country. The USSR.

Wait, not exactly. The U$$R!

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Vasyl said...

That guy is such a hypocrite, he has been in the back pocket of the Party of Regions for some time now and he will either become their "fall guy" or they will use him some other way. I trust him as far as I could throw him.

Taras said...

He also did some Euro 2012 business with Tymoshenko when many thought she'd be queen by now.

They're all hypocrites who live off the Ukrainian people.

This one tried to distance himself a little bit now that the Party of Regions has lost 15% of support nationwide.

But..."you're either with us or against us," as the saying goes.