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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Weary Voters Wooed by 'Primaries,' Ukrainian-Style

Veni, vidi, vote.

Elderly woman: What's the point of us electing them? Are they doing something for the people? Nothing is what they're doing. They're lining their pockets.

United Center campaigner: You're being completely inco...not exactly correct here. Why? Because these people haven't been in power. They haven't lined anything.

Girl: What can you tell about a person if you only read six...six...sentences about then?

Guy 1: I look at people's faces. People's faces can...can tell a lot.

Guy 2: We absolutely don't care about it. Whoever wins, it's a [bleep censor].


Have some faith, young man! You come to the campaign stand. You pick your favorite candidates. You put them in that ballot box.

It’s all about you. You’re the boss!

That’s what they mean by “primaries” at Tihipko’s Strong Ukraine and Baloha’s United Center.

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