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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yanukovych Gets e-Book from Kolesnikov

Dmitry, you can tease our students with your iPad all you want.

But don't mess with ProFFessor Yanukovych.

Vice PM Borys Kolesnikov: There are 135,000 pages here, and a kid, accordingly, at any moment, can go back to any material, even if he’s in 11th grade. This saves us thousands of cubic meters of wood every year and saves the ki...the kid the trouble of carrying textbooks.

President Yanukovych: Thank you, Borys Viktorovych!

Some say it’s an iPad. Others say it’s a PocketBook 302 (made in Ukraine).

Whatever it is, I hope
it comes with a spellchecker, geography helper, question ducker and BS meter.

Love that scholarly look on the president’s face!

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Anonymous said...

Well, to be honest I like the description more, because I don't know these electronic brand names. :)

Taras said...

Check out this YouTube video of PocketBook 302:)