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Friday, August 27, 2010

Playboy Model Recites Poetry for Yanukovych; FEMEN Bust-ed Again

Independence Day 2010 combined Soviet-style officialdom with sexy overtures.

A background check revealed that Alyona Fesunenko, one of the performers at Independence Square, had made a name for herself as Ukraine’s PMOY 2005.

With passion in her voice, Alyona recited “Love Ukraine” (1944) by Volodymyr Sosyura, a patriotic poem condemned as nationalistic by many at the time.

This lays to rest a Soviet woman's famous quote from a 1986 US-USSR teleconference: “In the USSR, there is no sex, but there is love.”

The guys above really love Ukraine! From the bottom of their pockets.

FEMEN sexed up the day at a separate event, in what looked like a rip-off of Putin’s bike ride.

Placed on hair-trigger alert to protect stabilnist, police intervened quickly and booked the ladies one more time.

Happy Independence Day, Mr. President!


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