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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Reggie Degrades Commies as ‘Wife’

Who says there are no women in this cabinet? Here comes the “wife,” (aka Communists).

MP Mykhailo Chechetov (PRU): If there’s one television: The husband wants to watch soccer...and the wife, ballet. If...uh...the wife...fulfills the husband’s request and makes it possible to watch soccer — she goes to the kitchen, drinks some coffee, goes to a girlfriend, goes out and so on — then this family will live forever, so to speak, and in one a hundred years, in one day…they’ll die together. But if the wife should say, “And I want ballet on television!” and the husband says, “And I want soccer!” then this family’s day are numbered. That’s why in this situatioooooon we sometimes let the our soccer. [lowers voice for smug effect]

Let me translate. “You want a husband, open your legs. You want a divorce, open your mouth.” That's the house rule for the junior partners in the Coalition of Carcasses.

Actually, there’s one exception. Meet the “wife” who knows how to use her mouth without getting divorced.

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Anonymous said...

It is weird.

Taras said...

"This is a man's world, " as the song goes:)