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Monday, August 09, 2010

Yanukovych Face Carved on Watermelon

Children and adults, singers and sculptors, eastern Ukrainians love their leader.

Obviously, the 50% utility hike, effective August 1, hasn’t hit home yet.

If that’s not enough, don’t worry. There’ll be another 50% hike in April 2011.

Contrary to what the watermelon face had promised, the gas-for-fleet discount turned out to be not-so-water-tight when it comes to ordinary people.

Oh, wait, you can try your luck applying for a subsidy.

Just remember: Whatever Yanukovych does to you, it’s all Tymoshenko’s fault.

Here’s a Donetsk businessman who appeals to Yanukovych to protect him and locals from Lozynsky-type thugs who identify with the Party of Regions.

Why not put their faces on watermelons too? Maybe the IMF could even sponsor an art exhibit?

In Russian cuisine, they have creative ideas of their own.

Lenin and his associates consumed Russians and others by the million. Now, how about some Russians consume some Lenin? Piece of cake!

Амелькина "ленина съели". Огромный торт изображающий ленина в натуральную величину. Его режут,

Yummy. I’m lovin’ it!

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alan said...

50 % raise in utility rates, from what to what? Is that for water or power or all? Wow that is a lot no matter how much. And another hike next April.

Taras said...

It's 50%+50% for gas, which means utility rates will go up as well.

During the last decade, millions of countryside households have installed gas-fired heating — only to find it cost-prohibitive.

Last winter, some people I know paid $60-$150/month out of their $100-$200 monthly budgets.

Next winter, many will be back to firewood and coal.