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Monday, August 02, 2010

Putin Confuses Khersones With Kherson, Rus With Russia

Putin meets Yanukovych halfway as the two compile a joint history textbook.

PM Putin: Here, not far from here, in Kherson, in the 10th century, in 988, the then leader, the head of the Old Russian state, Prince Vladimir, embraced Christianity and then baptized Rus.

Well, that makes 10th-century Constantinople the capital of what? The Ottoman Empire?

And Christianity came to Rus via the Old Russian Black Sea Fleet, at the behest of the then mayor of Moscow, right?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, it is like mixing up Budapest with Bucharest. Very annoying.

Taras said...

I too would be annoyed by that sort of thing.

I usually get annoyed when people spell Kyiv as Kiev:)

In Putin's case, we have two similar-sounding geographic names within one country.

So it's more like Dnipropetrovsk and Dniprodzerzhynsk:)