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Monday, May 03, 2010

Yanukovych Explains Gas-for-Fleet

My voters like me, the West likes me, Russia likes me.

Who the hell do you think you are if you don’t like me?

Yanukovych: After five years of making an enemy of Russia, it was not easy to restore the Russian leadership’s trust toward Ukraine. But I have managed to do that and today I am ready to report to my voters. From now on, dialogue with our big neighbor will rest on the basis of equality, good neighborhood and healthy pragmatism, not confrontation and anti-Russian rhetoric.

Was this achieved at too high a price? No. Because the agreements reached with Moscow are mutually beneficial. The documents signed in Kharkiv will secure a significant decrease in the price of gas, which means an increase in the social welfare of every Ukrainian, the beginning of our economy’s recovery from a deep crisis.

It also means a guaranteed strength...strengthening of energy security for the entire continent of Europe. The entire civilized world has approved of the results of my negotiations with President Medvedev. In Washington, Brussels, in all European capitals, they are considered a definite success for Ukraine.

It is only our opposition that re...remains unsatisfied. Why do they call you to new barricades? Why are they shaking up the stabilnist that was achieved for the first in the many years of endless wars between government leaders?
Because once again they seek to dissolve Parliament in the name of so-called political expediency. Because they understand this: Stabilnist, a strong chain of command, order and normalization of relations with Russia is their political demise.

Once again, they are struggling for power at any price. They need war. The recent events in the Verkhovna Rada have shown that the political adventurists are ready to toss smoke grenades not only on the Parliament floor but also at the entire Ukraine. We need stabilnist and development, the ability to work normally, pass reforms and be friends with our neighbors.

And we will achieve this just as we have managed to resist, in kind, the opponents of changes for the better. Soon, you will be convinced that we are heading in the right direction. I bear personal responsibility for this. I promise you: Ukraine will be strong and prosperous. Movement toward this goal has begun.


Speaking of movement, we now have a Yanukovych-only highway in Kyiv!

This highway helps Yanukovych move from his Principality of Yanuco (aka Mezhyhirya) to his workplace and back — as people-free as possible.

Reform #4 (underway): Naftogaz+nuclear power+aerospace industry+you name it=Friendship With Russia, Inc.


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Mykola said...

If you want to build your own state, go to Ukraine...I hear sovereignty is on sale there, CHEAP!

Taras said...

Cheaper than dirt!