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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Opposition Vet Slams Today’s Underperformers

Stepan Khmara, 72, comes from the old school of opposition.

His opposition took him through seven years of political imprisonment in the ‘80s and three consecutive parliamentary terms in 1990-2002.

In remarks below, he reflects on the opposition’s handling of the gas-for-fleet ratification process.

Stepan Khmara: When I saw this picture of them the flags, I knew pretty well that...uh...the meeting wouldn’t be...uh...disrupted. Because if you want to do it, we really did it — and quite a few times. And they had to unfold that flag, hold hands, pose before the cameras and so on. They weren’t thinking about the result. They needed the picture. That’s why it was an ugly scene for me to see.

I kind of agree with his assessment. The make-some-noise technique goes only so far.

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