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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Harley Davidson and the Mezhyhirya Man

You don’t mess with a lawmaker like him.

Name: Oleksandr Feldman. Net worth: $266.5M.

Tymoshenko booted him from chairmanship of the Kharkiv BYuT chapter. And look how he got his groove back.

He dumped Tymoshenko and joined the Coalition of Carcasses.

His other consolation prize: a rare Harley Davidson, a 50th anniversary birthday gift from his son, 24.

Asked about the price, he said his son, already a father, doesn’t maintain separate finances.

Will the Mezhyhirya Man let him use that special highway?

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Anonymous said...

He must be building his 'awesome' image.

Taras said...

He’s probably rehearsing for a Terminator 2 remake:)