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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Community Circus Day

As the ambassadors of Lithuania and Britain invented cleanup diplomacy, Yanukovych and Azarov invented the guilt-tripped subbotnik.

Yanukovych: Let me be honest: I invented it — this day. That’s right. When I convened the governors for the first time, I asked, I said: “I’ve been to many towns during many campaigns. The amount of dirt I saw there — I’d never seen so much before. When do we get to clean up all this dirt? When do we get to put some order? When do we start to plant some trees?

Azarov: Where there’s garbage, we’ll tell Lenoid Mykhailovych [Kyiv Mayor’s name, patronymic] right way: Lenoid Mykhailovych, get out of the bus, get a shovel and clean that garbage with those who are supposed to do it. Our capital, our country’s capital doesn’t have to be full of garbage.

So let’s plant a few trees here, drop a few publicity bombs there and call it a day?

How about regular cleanups?

How about awareness?

How about a policy of sticks and carrots (smart subsidies, fines, eco-friendly packaging, reusable bags, etc)?

How about a recycling industry?

How about a culture of environmental stewardship as opposed to a culture of grabitization?

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Trond said...

Yes, yes, yes. Couldn't agree more. Keeping the streets, and nature, clean on a permanent basis. Stop littering and developing a sense of common responsibility should be a high priority. Without cleanliness, Ukraine will never look good, and it needs to look good to appear like a modern, civilized country.

Taras said...