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Friday, May 07, 2010

Censorship Makes Comeback As Stalin Monument Opens

Reform #5: Comrade Obama $talin will take care of press freedom.

After decades of damnation, the Steel Man who had murdered millions of innocent people won himself a magic resurrection.

His resurrection sent two of his elderly fans to the hospital and one to the graveyard.
“She died a decent death, in front of Stalin,” as one fan put it at the opening ceremony in Zaporizhia.

On a hot sunny day, hundreds of Stalinists, anti-Stalinists and police attended the ceremony on the premises of the local Communist Party chapter.

Because the monument sits on private property, those who oppose it should stay away from it, MP Oleksiy Baburin (CPU-Zaporizhia) argues.

One fan donated Hr. 50K ($6K) to the Hr. 80K ($10K) monument cause. Petro “$13K Watch” Symonenko? No. Commie-friendly oligarch Grigorishin? Wrong again.

Meet Ivan Shekhovtsev, a WW II vet from Kharkiv dubbed the “lead investor” for his contribution. (IMHO, the term “lead investor” would raise a lot of questions from Stalin.)

One sign reads: “Arise, Stalin! Put some order!” It’s a deal! Let’s have some order. Let’s start with the commies in this oligarcommunist govt. Lead #1: Customs chief Ihor Kaletnyk. Let the NKVD ask him a few a questions, OK?

In the meantime, some Ukrainian reporters claim to have already experienced strokes of censorship. A report that criticized the government went down the drain, say the news people at Channel 1+1 in a public statement released Thursday.

After a closed-door beer summit with the reporters, Deputy Chief of Staff Hanna Herman said she found to signs of censorship.

And guess what? On Friday, eight STB reporters went public with censorship claims of their own.

The oligarchs run both channels.

Channel 1+1: owned by Ihor Kolomoisky, Ukraine’s third-richest man, of Israeli citizenship, who lives in Switzerland.

STB: owned by Viktor Pinchuk, Ukraine’s second-richest man, Kuchma’s son-in-law, a ‘Thinker’ according to Time magazine.

So how long before reporter killings become the norm again?

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Anonymous said...

Stalin had bigger double chin I think.

You know my opinion on censorship, but I don't find Stalin statues appropriate.

Lingüista said...

Taras, this is terrible! It looks like going back to Kuchma times. Yanukovych looks worse and worse, every time something happens -- and the pro-Stalin crazies, full in their security of having structural support, will now attempt more things. Censorship of press? A parliament that bows to Yanukovych on the Russian Fleet at Sevastopol, despite the egg-throwing? This does not bode well. I'm beginning to think the Russian language will become co-official nationwide in another six months or so.

Is Yanukovych trying to be another Lukashenka? And can he pull it off?

Taras said...


Considering what happened in Budapest in 1956, I'm sure you're not the only Hungarian who feels the same way.


I don't know. Compared to Yanukovych, Lukashenka actually deserves a break (in some respects).

Lukashenka: keeps his country’s enriched uranium (in compliance with IAEA rules)
Yanukovych: gives it away (to buy Obama’s license to chill)

Belarus: imports oil from Russia and Venezuela (diversification)
Ukraine: imports oil from Russia and Russia only (friendship)

Belarus: exports finished goods (high value-added)
Ukraine: exports commodities (low-value added).

Lingüista said...

I mean, of course, like Lukashenka in the censorship + authoritarianism side of the equation. What exactly lurks behind Yanukovych's "stabilnist'"? The seed for a copy of Putin's "managed democracy"?