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Friday, March 26, 2010

Yanukovych Greets Women

If you’re looking for a crash course in comparing Mother’s Day to International Women’s Day, look here.

In the West, it’s about people honoring their mothers and discussing women’s rights.

In Ukraine, it’s a about flowers, champagne, sexism and sweet nothings. Welcome to the traditional gender stereotypefest 2010! Let the Macho-in-Chief speak.

President Yanukovych: Dear women, our lovely, responsive, cherished, and always wonderful ones! It’s the holiday of spring again and we greet the better half of Ukraine: our mothers, wives, daughters and sisters, the keepers of our household fireplace. We love you. We’re enchanted by you, dear women! We honor you for your patience, wisdom, faithfulness, and for the love in your hearts. There’s nothing holier in this world than a woman who gave life to children and taught them their first steps. It is by no accident that treatment of women, they say, defines a society’s level of culture. We are all indebted to you, dear women. The state owes you, but we will rectify the situation. May you have love, wisdom, health, joy and may all your dreams come true. Be happy, dear women! Greetings to you!

Naturally, his lineup of gender roles for women didn’t include rivals, such as this sotto voce lady.

Ukraine’s new cabinet holds the record for being the continent’s only “no women” cabinet.

PM Azarov’s “It’s not women’s business to pass reforms in Ukraine” quote has irked Viola von Cramon-Taubadel of the Bundestag Greens. Naturally, Azarov claims being misquoted.

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Ropi said...

These words sound so weird from a Terminator's mouth. I mean the visual and audio effects and the words are not in harmony. Can you imagine that Arnold Schwarzenegger say such thing in Terminator?

Anonymous said...

Taras, what is
What the significance of the word 'censor' here? Is something being censored? If so, what and who? And why? Etc.

Taras said...


In his campaign commercials/billboards ads, he talks and looks like a Terminator. By doing this, he projects the image of a strong leader.

Still, one can see a few soft spots here and there.


You can interpret as “no censors” or “no censorship.” In the language of domain names, net sounds like nyet. That’s the idea behind many local domain names.