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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Coalition of Carcasses: List of Cabinet Members/Advisers

He did it! 14 words and only 1 word misspelled!

First Vice Premier: Andriy Klyuyev

Vice Premier, humanitarian affairs: Volodymyr Semynozhenko
Vice Premier, Euro 2010: Borys Kolesnikov
Vice Premier, law enforcement: Volodymr Sivkovych
Vice Premier, agriculture: Viktor Slauta
Vice Premier, economy (?): Serhiy Tihipko
Vice Premier, regional affairs: Viktor Tykhonov

Minister of Environment: Viktor Boiko
Minister of Fuel and Energy: Yuriy Boiko
Minister of Transport: Kostyantyn Yefymenko
Minister of Industrial Policy: Dmytro Kolesnikov
Minister of Health Care: Zinoviy Mytnyk
Minister of Internal Affairs: Anatoliy Mohyliov
Minister of Labor and Social Policy: Vasyl Nadraha
Minister of Housing and Utilities: Oleksandr Popov
Minister of Agricultural Policy: Mykola Prysyazhnyuk
Minister of Youth and Family Affairs: Ravil Safulin
Minister of Education and Science: Dmytro Tabachnyk
Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers: Anatoliy Tolstoukhov
Minister of Economy: Vasyl Tsushko
Minister of Finance: Fedir Yaroshenko
Minister of Regional Development: Yuriy Yashchenko
Minister of Emergency Management: Nestor Shufrych
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Kostantyn Hryshchenko
Minister of Defense: Mykhailo Yezhel
SBU Director: Valeriy Khoroshkovsky

Oleksandr Kuzmuk
Serhiy Tulub
Mykhailo Papiyev
Anatoliy Kinakh
Mykhailo Chechetov
Yaroslav Sukhy
Vasyl Khara
Leonid Kozhara
_____ Dem... [unintelligible]
Mykola Dzhyha
Kateryna Samoylyk



Sublime Oblivion said...

Looks pretty sexist.

Taras said...

It sure does! When Yanukovych wished Ukrainian women happiness on Women’s Day, he probably meant a no-women Cabinet.

khabar said...

Where is his advisor Anna Herman?
Lurks in shadows?

elmer said...

Oh, look, it's the Mafioso in Chief!

Mafiosi don't need to know how to spell.

They just need to know how to pass laws to make it legal for Banditkovych and his mafiosi to steal, and to rob the country blind - in "stability." And "for the good of the country."

Does anyone really expect anything good out of these yahoos?

Lingüista said...

I thought so too, Sublime Oblivion and Taras. Not a single woman. Maybe after Yuliachka he just can't relate to a female politician without anger...

Taras said...


You already miss her:)? She’s Deputy Chief of Staff now.


Hush! You’re making me fear for my life:)


That’s quite a theory!:) Btw, in Europe, this government ranks second only to Belarus by the number of ministries: 29.