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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tihipko Says West OK’d His Questionable Coalition

Money talks.

Vice PM Serhiy Tihipko: First off, you saw my position when...uh...they started talking about creating a majority in Parliament on a person-by-person basis. I expressed it very clearly, I expressed it very harshly. I was one of a few to hit the media circuit and...uh...more than that, I can say today that I organized resistance to this decision. I met with ambassadors. I met with Western politicians and so on. I met with Yanukovych twice on this issue. I met with his entourage, his inner circle, who could have influenced him, but...uh...all the time I heard one and, practically, the same — same from everyone — point: Today, you stand on the verge of a colossal crisis. We should I put it...uhhh...basically, are tired of Ukraine. need, today, to achieve results. And as for you saying that these actions are uncon...un...unconstitutional, it’s up to the Constitutional Court to decide. I tapped the Constitutional Court. I can say that today I have plenty of...uh...these...uh...well, I can say, plenty of chances that the Constitutional Court will support this decision. I don’t want to decide for them — they will support it. And I had to deal with this question: What should I do? Should I go make Opposition Government 4 (or 3, or 4), spend two and a half years in the opposition or should I try to influence the situation, having the support of 13% of the people and really knowing what to do. I know what to do and I can organize this work just fine. Uh...I’ll have a shot at joining the opposition. But get the job done is what I'll try to do.

Yeah, why waste time in the opposition if the government offers a higher ROI?

Obviously, on some insider basis, the Constitutional Court offers previews of its verdicts to soldiers of fortune like you, right?

Can you name the Western governments that blessed this Ostern (starring you and Yanukovych v. our Constitution)?

I want to send them my Ordre national de la Légion du déshonneur.

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elmer said...

Taras, I too do not understand how any legitimate, non-corrupt court could possibly provide a preview of its decisions to Tihipko or anyone else.

Ukraine's Constitutional Court, all 18 of them, is made up of people who are politically appointed - not a good system for any court, if anyone expects courts to be free from political maneuvering or influence.

Banditkovych just appointed a commission to "study" the court system in Ukraine and to suggest "reforms."

I'm not holding my breath for honest and legitimate courts to become reality in Ukraine any time soon.

You hit the nail on the head with Tihipko - and he is so typical of Ukraine's "political elite."

He "knows what to do," and he "will do it very nicely."

Taras said...

He's going to Washington — to beg for some more IMF money that he and his buddies could use and bill Ukrainians for it.