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Monday, March 15, 2010

Tihipko Vows to ‘Never. Never.’ Join Gov’t (Mar. 4)

Read his lips.

Vitaliy Portnikov, host: Will you join the government?
Serhiy Tihipko, now Vice PM: depends on what agenda and what government there will be.

Portnikov: Well, as you can see, changes to legislation are being prepared that will allow not just factions to form a coalition, but ones [changes] that will allow individual MPs to join such a coalition, and then there will be absolutely positively a majority...

Tihipko: It wi...
Portnikov: the Verkhovna Rada.

Tihipko: In my opinion, it will be a colossal mistake of both Yanukovych (if he signs such a bill into law) and of the majority, and of the Party of Regions (if they opt for this) because it’s a direct violation of the Constitution that clearly says that the majority is formed by factions, period. honest person will support such a government. It means that...uh...again no real changes will be made possible.

Portnikov: So this...this government that will be formed by this coalition is one you’ll definitely not join?
Tihipko: Never. Never.

“Never say never,” as the saying goes.

If you’re one of those 13% who fell for this veteran Kuchmista and his $11M reform rhetoric, here’s your reform song:

Fella, fella, eh, eh, eh
Under Yanuk’s umbrella
Fella, fella, eh, eh, eh
Under Yanuk’s umbrella

I hope his boss treats him right.

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Sublime Oblivion said...

I was under the impression that Tihipko was closely aligned with Yanukovych.

Ropi said...

You amaze me how you convert modern entertainment to a political gag.

Neil Simon said...

Tara, Love your blog. You may want to mention to your readers - we'll be having a US Congressional hearing on Ukrainian politics tomorrow:
Let's connect on twitter, too I'm neilhsimon.

elmer said...

Well, lying is a high art form in Ukraine. How can you tell that a Ukrainian politician is lying? His or her lips are moving.

What about the campaign promise of Ganna German, the silver-tongued viper spokeswoman of Banditkovych and the Party of Roosha, promising that Dmytro Tabachnyk would not be appointed as minister?

As it turns out, he was, which reminded one author of an old artist trick during sovok times - all works were subject to approval by a review board. So the particular artist would always draw a dog on everything he did, which would give the review board something to chew on, leaving the rest of the work alone.

Banditkovych, predictably, has appointed a bunch of Kuchmists - the Boiko brothers (gas corruption), Kolesnikov, Kluyev - the list goes on. And Tabachnyk, who wants to destroy what little remains of the Ukrainian educational system, bought and paid for diplomas and all, and to prevent any needed reforms for the better.

Here's another take - book burnings in Crimea, where brainwashed little fascist rooskie sovoks pine for "unity" with rasha:

Banditkovych and his band of thugs have managed to appoint a bunch of pukes to the Ukrainian cabinet so far. They don't know anything except how to abuse government for their own personal benefit.

And that's despite Banditkovych's promise to cut back on Maybach's and Mercedes-Benz's as government cars for officials.

Taras said...


They’re back together again. Tihipko managed the Yanukovych campaign in 2004 but jumped ship in the middle of the Orange Revolution. Had Kuchma bet on Tihipko instead of Yanukovych as his successor, the former would have won.

Despite the hard feelings between them, they need each other. Yanukovych needs a reformer figure and Tihipko needs his money back, plus change.


Politics and showbiz overlap:)


Thank you for the links! Book burnings look really bad on the burners.

Today, I went to a small anti-Tabachnyk student rally. Except for a minor brawl, we peacefully coexisted with a dozen of Tabachnyk supporters. I’ll do a post on it.