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Monday, March 01, 2010

Yanukovych Toasts His Glassless Guests

Event planning offers infinite opportunities for discovery: from bad doors to solo toasts.

Here’s to the government of proFFessionals!

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elmer said...

Why the hell should he worry that he's the only one with the glass?

He's got a 400-acre estate called Mezhihirya that he stole with Yushchenko's help from the government!!!!

What, him worry?

As long as he and his thugs have theirs - "everything's fine." Life is good - for him and a few other select "political elites" in Ukraine.

He made a show of having a modest inauguration.

If you look at the last 3-hour Savik Shuster marathon, they opened with a very clever video clip interposing Yushchenko's inauguration with Yakookovych's.

It's in the opening segment - very clever and very well done.

Yushchenko, for some reason, had a bunch of military personnel dressed in white parade into the hall!!!! Very bizarre.

In a civil democracy, the army answers to the government - not the other way around.

Yakivovych made a point of having a seemingly modest ceremony - and the Parliament was half-empty, because Tymo and crew did not show up.

So Yavikonych and the boys have decided to try to hide their robbery and theft from public view.

And then -

Tymo lost the vote of no-confidence.

Here we go - back to Kuchmism, complete with Firtash, Kolomoisky and a bunch of other Jewish oligarchs who have been robbing the country all along and playing racquetball with all of Ukraine's livers.

Ain't nothing left to do but either laugh - or cry.

So - here's a great video of "I've got a girl in Kalamazoo," complete with a great dance routine.

"ABCDEFGH - I've got a girl in Kalamazoo..."

Seven and a half minutes of pure pleasure.

Taras said...

Pure '40s, Elmer!:)

Now, how about this one:

Duke Yanuke(vich) “Combo #5”: “I've got a girl in NUNS, I've got a girl in BYuT, I even got a girl in that Kremlinwood.”