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Sunday, February 28, 2010

NYT (Nyet Yet Times?) Keeps Soviet-Era Spelling of Kyiv

That’s not how they spell the capitals of Moldova and Estonia.

Moreover, that’s not how they spell most Ukrainian cities either.

But for some reason that’s how they spell the capital of Ukraine. Why?

So far, my follow-up letter to the editor, citing the Make it K-Y-I-V! petition, has yielded no answer.

Dear New York Times,

You continue spelling Ukraine’s capital the old-fashioned Soviet-era way, which annoys thousands of Ukrainians worldwide.

Some of them are your readers, subscribers and perhaps advertisers. My online petition hasn’t reached every one of them, but it has already reached 2,247.

When will you start spelling Ukraine’s capital consistent with your de-Sovietized spelling of the capitals of Moldova and Estonia?

As Ukraine goes to the polls, you can make welcome news. You can show your support for Ukraine’s democracy in both the spirit and the letter.


Taras, KYIV, Ukraine

Ignorance or interaction? Will the NYT go the distance?


khabar said...

Still fighting with windmills?
There is many of news agencies all over the world using Kiev...
Too many.

Ropi said...

Well, be patient. They may get millions of letters. If they are ignorant you can still call New York New Amsterdam.

John Kalitka said...

I wonder how Yanukovych spells it?

Taras said...


No pain, no gain:)


I’ll stick with Nyet Yet until further notice!:P


Good question! The next time he visits Washington, challenge him and Secretary Clinton to a spelling bee:)

Michelle said...

Keep up the fight and don't give up....Look at the bright side...MSM is not going to last as the front runner of up to date news/info. Your blog most likely will be! ;)

Taras said...

Thank you, Michelle!

You can count on it! I'm putting the traditional media out of business. I'm making a Chicken Kiev out of every Komrade Kiev out there:)