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Monday, February 15, 2010

Tymoshenko: Over 1M Votes Rigged, Some OSCE Observers Ready to Testify

As promise-laden Ukrainians hobble back to the salt mines, the braided lady comes out of her bunker and lays out her war plan.

In her long-awaited address to the nation she

  • Thanks everyone
  • Compares 2010 to 2004 in terms of fraud
  • Argues that her rival knew he wouldn’t win in a clean fight
  • Recalls working around the clock to get all the legal paperwork done

PM Tymoshenko: And today I can firmly tell you that the election in Ukraine was rigged, and this is not a political declaration anymore but a clear legal assessment. Let me cite just one example and you will understand everything. We have managed, by a court ruling, to open the polling stations in Crimea for disclosure so that the votes may be recounted. We were shocked to find out that, at all polling stations without exception, there was a legally established fact of fraud from 3 to 8 percent to the benefit of Yanukovych. Overall in Ukraine, the volume of probable fraud exceeds one million votes, by various technologies. These votes are quite enough for our common victory. My conviction that the struggle must continue is also supported by the latest accounts of individual OSCE observers. They have expressed their willingness to testify in courts on our side with videos and their assessments that during the election in Ukraine there was systemic fraud. I understand that you are tired of tough political battles. And I, together with you, want stabilnist and quietude in our state. But if today we don’t defend democracy, the right of honest choice, then tomorrow we will wake up in a different country, one where dictatorship and lawlessness rule.


She then promises to contest the election results in a court of law, despite the rampant corruption. Driven by her sense of responsibility, she has no other option but to go all the way.

PM Tymoshenko: Not going to court today means surrendering the country to the criminals without a fight. I will not be arranging Maidans and I will not allow public civil confrontation. As never before, Ukraine needs stabilnist and quietude. And that is why we will be acting via legal avenues only and in court only. But I want to state it clearly: Yanukovych is not our president. And no matter how the events unfold, he will never become a legitimately elected president of Ukraine.


You don’t have the credibility to arrange genuine protests. Otherwise, you would have already arranged them.

If he did what you say he did, show us how he did it. Don’t show us how you can make a virtue out of necessity in what looks like a self-righteous crusade. The OSCE denies knowledge of any videos that would support Tymoshenko’s claims.

No matter what Yanukovych says or does before he assumes office, it will not automatically restore your street cred.

If you want my support, forget stabilnist. Try spravedlyvist.

Stabilnist: “Don’t rock the boat, don’t stop the party.”
Spravedlyvist: “Do the crime, do the time.”

That’s a tall order, isn’t it?

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elmer said...

Українці вибрали неграмотного бовдура.

Also, as far as I'm concerned, Tymoshenko and Yushchenko and their henchmen should all be taken out on Maidan and publicly horse-whipped.

After all, we do want прозорність (openness and transparency).

The sovok relic zombies and idiots who voted for yanukovych - well, they'll just continue blowing up in the coal mines.

Same old sovok morons voting for the same old sovok thieves and thugs.

And - oh, look - Yanukovych is all set to sell the Ukrainian gas transit pipeline system - to a consortium composed of GAZPROM (roosha).

He's stolen his 400-acre estate from the government (Mezhihirya) and he and his Kuchmist Party of Regions have robbed Ukraine blind, so there's nothing left to do but totally lose leverage with roosha and sell the pipeline system.

And - oh, look - Firtash of RosUkrEnergo fame is demanding his several billion dollar cut of the deal!

Following Yanukovych’s victory, RosUkrEnergo co-owner and Centragas beneficiary Dmytro Firtash is also laying claim to an ownership stake –hypothetically 9 percent– in Ukraine’s gas transit system, in the event of its being shared out. Firtash is one of the main financial backers of Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. His Centragas together with RosUkrEnergo (in which Centragas holds 50 percent interest) claim that Yulia Tymoshenko’s government expropriated from them 11 billion cubic meters (bcm) of stored gas. Yanukovych’s election has apparently emboldened Firtash to seek compensation in the form of ownership shares in the country’s transit system (Kommersant, Interfax-Ukraine, February 9).

Taras said...

Whipping would be too light a punishment for Yushchenko and Tymoshenko:)

I agree: Miners who vote for the Party of Regions shouldn’t expect more safety. They should expect more Mezhyhirya.