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Monday, February 22, 2010

Tymoshenko Loses Her Unwinnable Court Battle

It's over. It’s over for now. No matter how strong or weak her case, she knew she wouldn’t win.

She argued her case passionately, citing multiple violations:

  • Deceased people voting
  • Bribed people voting
  • Last-moment registry change people voting
  • Bogus apartment block people voting
  • Huge number of stay-at-home people voting
  • Unused ballots check-marked by pro-Yanukovych officials voting

She wanted to give us something to reflect on once Yanukovych starts being a real bad boy again — and she comes out with I-told-you-SOS.

A Cassinderella in-waiting, she pulled out of the battle (read: lost the battle) to win the war. Or at least so she thinks.

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alan said...

So what will she do now? Wait five years and run again? Or maybe she will do something good for he darlings.

Ropi said...

I have heard about this in Hungarian news. :D Maybe she realised that the horse she was flogging is really dead (to carry on my simile in the previous comment).

Taras said...


She needs a spring break first:)


She knew it wouldn't work. So she decided to put up some semblance of a fight — for the record.