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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Battle of the Billboards 2010 (Part 2)

Take a walk through inter-election Kyiv.

Jan. 17: Tymoshenko ads disguised as Focus magazine ads, or vice versa

Maidan, an hour before the polls closed

Jan. 20: The Eye of Providence

Goodbye Yushchenko!

Jan. 30: Win-lose...or win-win?

“Elect Ukraine’s new path” (so much for the Ideal Country/Ukrainian Breakthrough)

The sunset of Ukraine's democracy?

Facelift or liposuction?


A Boy and His Dog...Plus the Girl!

Yanukovych morphing into a blank screen

Jan. 30: Khreshchatyk

Whose balloon will burst first?

“Kyivans for Yanukovych,”
“Yanukovych is our president 2010

Against All Odds

The Halo Effect

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