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Friday, February 05, 2010

Tymoshenko v. Yanukovych in Round 2 Commercials

In Ukraine, campaign commercials look like never-ending advance fee fraud letters.

The more promises they break, the more promises they make.

She goes from she to you, in a hard-sell message that contrasts her with him and offers a slice of death for the skeptics.

Voiceover: Think. Ukraine has a choice to make. You’re choosing a future — your future. You’re choosing: Ukraine will be energy-independent or he will sell out the pipeline and will make you a gas addict. You’re choosing: You’ll have the land or he will steal it — like he stole Mezhyhirya. You’re choosing: Your dreams of freedom and decent living will come true or he will bury them. Think about the future you want. Think about Ukraine. Think about yourself. Protect Ukraine. Yulia Tymoshenko.

He goes government-bashing, teasing and solution-selling in a slice of life populist message, complete with a thank-you note and change rhetoric.

Voiceover: In this campaign, we’ve heard a lot of words from the government. They tried to convince us why we should elect them again. On January 17, the people of Ukraine had their weighty say. It’s time to ignore their talk and look at the facts. When you read between the lines of government reports, you see the grim truth coming out.
Yanukovych: The people of Ukraine had their weighty say on January 17 and I’m grateful for your support! The people said they’re not ready to trust hollow promises when they need true changes. The people said they’re not ready to make peace with such a state of affairs when they need real help. The people are not ready to accept defeats that are being portrayed as victories. It’s time to unite and vote for real changes.

I can’t help but recall that Tymoshenko quote:

And believe me, all this huge false advertising, all these huge false billboards — it’s just falsehood, as is any advertising.

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