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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tymoshenko Goes to Court, Literally

With Yanukovych’s inauguration set for February 25, she makes a case for a recount and, in her stronger statements, for a revote.

PM Tymoshenko: And if the High Administrative Court does not provide for the documents to be subpoenaed to the Court for a recount at those polling stations in question and for the country to be shown what the real situation there was, then one should simply not speak of justice in our state.

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alan said...

It looks like her tactic is if you say it long enough and loud enough they will start to believe anything that is said. Truth doesn't matter. Does she have a chance at changing the election or is she posturing for something else?

Ropi said...

Well, it is not a nice way to handle an election loss. I think she flogs a death horse.

Lingüista said...

The more she does things like that, the more she reminds me of Evita Perón (without the romance). I am guessing that she will actually affect her popularity negatively by insisting -- she ends up looking like a bad loser than like a dignified stateswoman. Frankly, Dalia Grybauskaite or Vair Vike-Freiberga would have done better.

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna say that Ames is a Kremlin shill, because it is equally as stupid to say that Yushchenko is a U.S. stooge -- but this article really outdoes Surkov & Co.

Taras said...


I wanted to watch her in court. In 2004, we watched the hearings live. This year, we only get to watch snippets in the news.


Yes, but the public has the right to know both sides of the story. Despite all her failures, I wanted to see her present the evidence.


I’ve compared her to Evita many times. Still, as much as I hate her, I still believe Ukrainians have the right to watch the hearings live.


It’s a typical Russocentric/Russophile perspective that that mixes facts with fiction and hyperbolizes Ukraine’s East-West split.

Doesn’t compare German-Bandera collaboration with German-Soviet cooperation;
Doesn’t mention the atrocities committed during the Sovietization of western Ukraine;
Doesn’t mention the Polonization of western Ukraine;
Doesn’t mention the Russification of eastern Ukraine;
Doesn’t mention the ethnic makeup of Bolshevik governments/NKVD/Gulag admins that fought against Ukraine’s independence and oversaw the enslavement of millions of Ukrainians;
Doesn’t fault Putin for honoring both Stalin and Denikin.

khabar said...

Didn't mention murders of those ethnic Ukranians in western Ukraine, who were unreliable in his opinion.

Hardly one can find a street named after Stalin or Denikin in Russia, or a statue to them.

Taras said...

Indeed, the UPA assassinated Ukrainians who collaborated with the Soviet authorities.

The French Resistance did the same thing to French men and women who collaborated with the Nazi/Vichy authorities.

In post-Soviet Russia, Putin honors both Stalin (Red Terror) and Denikin (White Terror), and Ames doesn’t mention it.

Movies have been made glorifying the Bolsheviks and/or the Whites and vilifying the UPA:

Гибель Империи
Мы из будущего 2