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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tymoshenko Delivers Her Non-Concession Speech

Watch the final Santa Yulia episode of the season.

PM/presidential candidate Tymoshenko: Good evening, my darlings. The presidential election is over. It was our only chance to assert once and for all the independence and power of our state. It was a chance to become a decent member of the European family, to pass deep social and economic reform. It was in this election that we had our first real opportunity to do away with the power of the oligarchy and to return the country, along with its wealth, to you precisely. Such a choice could not please the oligarchy because they need cheap labor, poor and disenfranchised people who can be forced to work for nickels and dimes at their plants.


How’s that for a start? I almost felt like trading blog links with her, but then she started waxing holier than thou again.

So here’s how the story goes. Yanukovych could never win in a clean fight. Yushchenko rubber-stamped those last-moment election amendments. The two ganged up on her again.

The voters who voted against all or simply didn’t show had nothing to do with her defeat, so her face-saving displacement rhetoric goes.

It was fraud that sealed the fate of the election, not you.


She explains why she went to court.

I went to court to protect Ukraine, to protect every one of you. I know that all these days you had hope, you prayed for the honesty of the Court, and I fought and prayed with you, but the Court became a farce orchestrated by the Yanukovych staff.


The Court ignored the evidence, rejected the witnesses, and banned live coverage. That's why she quit. Alas, for the first time in so many years, her experience with Ukraine’s judiciary system resembled ours.

As a presidential candidate, I experienced firsthand what you deal with every day: the inability to defend the truth in court. Like millions of Ukrainians, I hereby assert: Yanukovych is not our president. A president who came to power by deceit will not be here to stay.


She urges Ukrainians to protect whatever they can now that Yanukovych has shown his true colors again.

She cites his attempts to suppress the Ukrainian language, sell the gas pipeline and let his gas barons sue Ukraine in Stockholm.

She calls for unity in the face of “anti-Ukrainian dictatorship” and voices her plans to resuscitate the de facto defunct BYuT-NUNS-LyB coalition.

She finishes her non-concession speech on a maternalistic note.

I also want to state that under no circumstance will I form joint coalitions with Yanukovych. I will not sign any universals and memorandums [rapprochements] with him. It is because I do not recognize him as president of Ukraine and do not accept his anti-Ukrainian, anti-European policy. If the patriotic and democratic political parties in Parliament resort to political party-shopping, I will go into opposition and I will be brining closer the hour of our state's return to a civilized path of development. And I will fight for the principles and values you share. I will fight regardless of whether I’m in government or in opposition. And I will not let anyone deprive you of the Ukraine you all deserve: a Ukraine that is free, strong, just, prosperous and magnificent. I’m with you.


Does Avril Lavigne know that you raid her song sheet?

Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
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Ropi said...

Nice hockey video. I haven't seen it yet.

From now on singers must pay attention what they sing. :D maybe if lyrics had more sense, politicians wouldn't copy it. :D

Taras said...

If Avril comes to Ukraine, Yulia will be the best warm-up band she can find:)