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Friday, February 05, 2010

As Tymoshenko Goes Solo, So Does Yanukovych

To debate effectively, the Effective Leader chose not to stand face to face with his rival. One debate year is one too many.

Enjoy these three Yanukovych solo videos from ICTV.

Video 1
He blasts Tymoshenko’s “see no crisis, hear no crisis” attitude and her unprofessional/inexperienced/irresponsible/smooth-talking team.

When Tymoshenko was saying there would be no crisis in Ukraine, it didn’t ask her — it came.

When...the situation began deteriorating, Tymoshenko started looking for an excuse and saying that crisis is all over the world, as it is in Ukraine. Our economy is going down. But when we looked at how it’s going down in Ukraine and how it’s going down in the world, we saw that Ukraine went down — it didn’t just go down, but it, so to speak, landed very badly — on its head.

Video 2
Punctuating his garbled speech with loan words, Yanukovych refutes criticism as mud-slinging, campaigns for effective and honest government, a government of aerobatics.

When you have the aerobatics, so to speak, then the people have the drive...[applause]...then...then you have the motivation, then life gets interesting.

Yanukovych talks about political shows as a way of life for the likes of Tymoshenko, for whom such recreation activities should be reserved.

Struggling for words and making awkward pauses, he finally discovers his wish for the Tymoshenko people: that they would find ways to achieve satisfaction.

Video 3
When asked by a Russian reporter about Yushchenko’s decision to honor Bandera and Shukhevych, Yanukovych replied unconventionally and even upset the reporter, initially.

Yanukovych: In a fairly short time — in a fairly short time — I think our neighbors in both the West and the East will become convinced...that Ukraine...can live without being told what to do. [nods his head in self-confidence, audience explodes with applause, reporter gets royally pissed]

I often listen to us being...when we’re being talked to in a patronizing tone, and I, so to speak, I feel sorry for the state. [more applause]

Russian reporter: The question still remains: Will you or will you not annul these decrees if you become president?

Yanukovych: You really want me to tell you this?
Reporter: I'd like to fathom... [incoherent]

Yanukovych: I...I want...I want to tell you that we’ll have this system liquidated — the system...[applause] that in the future nobody will ever have such opportunities: When I grab power, I do whatever I want.

Hmmm...why does my my BS meter keep going off the charts all the time?

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